A pioneering cartoonist passes away. RIP.

Harishchandra Lachke, the first cartoonist to have his work featured on the front page of The Times of India during British rule, has passed away in Poona at the age of 88.

A Press Trust of India obituary says Lachke’s cartoon juxtaposing a pigeon and a nuclear bomb in the wake of the dropping of the first atomic bomb by America on Japan in the Second World War, was published by the Times on August 17, 1945, underlining the need for peace co-existence of nations.

Lachke, who became one of the most popular cartoonists in Marathi, had drawn over 1,000 cartoons for various publications between 1934 and 2000.

“The themes of his cartoons that tickled readers for over five decades, mainly revolved around inconsistencies in political and social life, naughty children, modern fashions, doctor-patient relations, professors suffering from amnesia and clever traders.” 

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