Seven heart-warming tweets of HuffPost India staffers to understand what Indian journalism has lost

The closure of an organisation, the loss of a job, brings out the worst in employees. As uncertainty over the future looms, all the pent-up workplace frustrations against owners, bosses, managers and co-workers burst forth in a veritable torrent.

In Delhi, where the city’s cottage industry, politics, intersects with everything, newsroom politics can rival political boardrooms in skulduggery. As Girilal Jain, the late editor of The Times of India wrote in a different context, politics sets the pace, everything else follows in its wake.

What a relief, therefore, to see the tweets of the staffers of HuffPost India, after the website was guillotined within days of the parent organisation being bought over by Buzzfeed. Tweets which ooze warmth, gratitude, pride, camaraderie, and a genuine sense of accomplishment.

Bizarrely, in the year of the lord 2020, they even mention a sacrilegious word: journalism.


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  1. M.R. Dua

    sad, one more pillar of great journalism falls…hoping it will rise again and all those who made what has been to them and to the profession, will rise from its debris. until then, the ‘fallen pillars’ will the mission of great journalism elsewhere, not die… for sure. amen.

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