Kate-Duplicate? Kabhi kushi-Kabhi glum?

Say what you will, but the British papers are markedly more alive and refreshing than their American counterparts (as Tunku Varadarajan said here, and Matthew Engel said here). Have been and will probably always be.

Surely, they are heavily opinionated “feral beasts“, but the British papers take themselves less seriously, are better written, more irreverent, and have that one quality that signifies life: breathing.

Christopher Howse who writes on language for The Daily Telegraph, London, recently invited suggestions for the “scientifically enhanced twin peaks” of the model Jordan alias Katie Prince even as he commented on the strange name she had chosen for her daughter.

Howse writes he has been inundated with entries. These are the top-20 according to the language guru.

1 Pinky and Perky
2 Hindenburg and R101
3 Gee and Gigi
4 Gilbert and George
5 Dumb and Dumber
6 Scylla and Charybdis
7 Trident and Polaris
8 Romulus and Remus
9 Duncan and Smith
10 Two new Munros
11 Bristol and City
12 Tweedledum and Tweedledee
13 Fyling and Dales
14 Slazenger and Maxfli
15 Yul and Telly
16 Raspberrry and Ripple
17 Swell and Sweller
18 Knock and Knock-Knock
19 Buster and Booster
20 Bubble and Squeak

Read the full blog here: Name Jordan’s famous twins

Photo courtesy: Shanghai List

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