Press Council of India invites applications for its 14th term

The Press Council of India (PCI), is inviting applications for the 14th Council with an amended set of rules. Advertisements inviting claims have appeared in at least 18 newspapers across the country.

The Press Council is a quasi-judicial body that comprises 28 members, and a chairman, usually a retired Supreme Court judge. The current chairman is Justice C.K. Prasad.

PCI was up in 1966 by an act of Parliament to preserve the freedom of the press, and to maintain and improve standards.

It includes 20 representatives of the Press, including Editors, working journalists, owners, and news agency managers, and six members of Parliament. Each member enjoys a three-year term.

The rules of entry have been amended to allow associations of persons registered as recently as six years ago to apply.

The last date to submit applications is 6 April 2021.


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