Who would have thought that in a season of festivals, post-COVID, the fattest English newspaper would be from Kashmir?

For months, after the abrogation of Article 370 in August 2019, Kashmir’s newspapers could not be printed or distributed; their reporters could not move around, meet people or file stories. Journalists even worked as masons to make a living.

Post-COVID, even in a festival season, mainland Indian newspapers are still struggling to produce healthy editions, but Kashmiri newspapers are seemingly thriving.

The main section of ‘Deccan Chronicle’ today is 12 pages;

The Hindu’: 14 pages

The Telegraph’: 14 pages

‘The Tribune‘: 14 pages

Deccan Herald’: 16 pages

The Indian Express’: 18 pages

Hindustan Times’: 18 pages.

On the other hand, the largest English newspaper in Srinagar, Greater Kashmir, is 20 pages. Rising Kashmir is 16 pages.

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  1. Daily newspapers internationally have been hugely starved of advertising revenue. some like n y times, wash. post, wall st. journal., etc.,in the usa have cut enormously cut down on reporting, but nytimes has NOT. this is a great paper. in fact, this paper has hyped its feature pages, doing backgrounders, indepth political social, regional, international coverage writing, specially on presidential election… its reporting on the u s presidential campaign has won laurels all over. actually, nyt’s putting out more pages than ever before… nyt’s extended articles on republican party’s prez candidate donald trump has been really extraordinarily detailed, elaborate and a record in depth and volume… the 19th october, sunday review’s all ten pages were only on c,andidate trump.. it’s a rare and a collectors’ copy. indeed. others in india, like the hindu, ind. express, HT, TOI should follow suit. such features will win readers for life time…just think. these papers are also making more money by selling online edition. any good paper in india too can see how it helps their resources despite rising costs..media persons can also draw veritable lessons in improving their jobs.
    good luck, and thank you. m r dua in usa

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