A masterclass from a 94-year-old columnist to a “frustrated” BJP factotum masquerading as Governor and insulting India’s democracy on a daily basis

T.J.S. George, the co-founder of Asiaweek magazine, who does a weekly column for The New Indian Express, wrote a piece last week on Kerala governor Arif Mohammed Khan‘s decision to disallow a session of the Kerala legislative assembly to discuss the Centre’s contentious new farm laws.

The intro to the column read: “Arif Mohammed Khan must be the most frustrated politician in India today.”

His Excellency sent in a 1,263-word rejoinder.

Among other things, Khan who, like many BJP-appointed governors in non-BJP ruled states has erased the difference between a Governor and an “IT Cell” contractor, wrote:

“But for the grace of God, here is a piece written by God himself.

“In your judgment you sound like God who is all-knowing about innermost feelings and has the right to judge.”


George, 94, a close associate of Ramnath Goenka, and biographer of M. S. Subbulakshmi and Pothan Joseph, has a succinct 61-word response in today’s column.

Dear Shri Arif Mohammed Khan,

Thank you for your note. I am too mundane a journalist to have any pretensions of being God. Also, I have no allegiance to any party, any ideology, any religion. My only allegiance is to my profession. I will happily publish your letter so that your views reach the public as freely as mine do. I trust God won’t mind that…


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