‘The Telegraph’ sports journalist who is now the Chief Justice of Madras High Court

Madras High Court has a new Chief Justice, its 42nd: Justice Sanjib Banerjee. Nothing new there, all high courts have a first among equals.

The interesting part comes through two tweets by The Hindu’s legal correspondent, Mohamed Imranullah, who reveals that Justice Banerjee, 60, began his career as a sports journalist with The Telegraph in Calcutta.

In Chennai, Justice Banerjee may find himself in good company across his desk. Sanjay Pinto, who was the resident editor of NDTV in its Chennai bureau, is an advocate and legal columnist of Deccan Chronicle.

When he was sworn in to office in January, Justice Sanjib Banerjee referred to the Japanese concept of Ikigai, reports Bar and Bench.

Photograph: courtesy Bar and Bench

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