If the Press Trust of India (PTI) had a newspaper

All manner of media enterprises take flight in the run-up to an election and this, here, is the front page of volume 1, issue 1 of Dynamic Times, “India’s national weekly newspaper” as its tagline affirms.

All 132 stories in the 24-page broadsheet published from New Delhi are sourced from the news agency Press Trust of India (PTI). The editor is F. Sameudeen.


  1. Nobody has cared to tell us what is national in the context of a newspaper. Why is this tag denied to Indian language newspapers? Obviously, it must be an English newspaper, preferably published from Delhi and the three presidency towns. Who gives this right to the English newspapers to define themselves and others?. Language newspapers with circulations several times more than the English newspapers are not national because their circulation is limited to the area where it is spoken.. This seems to be the implication. Today, language newspapers have overtaken angrezi newspapers in the use of technology and coverage of relevant news. Unlimited conceit defines English newspapers and their editors.


  2. what dasu says may be ok and what it’s worth, but the fact of the matter is that most decision makers at national and even regional level bestow more importance to the ones published in the english language. chidambram or sonia don’t read tamil or hindi language dailies. they read only hindu or hindustan times. and that makes these papers national. jagran or eenadu or dinamani may be important in their regions but not in new delhi where most political decisions are taken that affect the entire union and the nation what india is today. ‘national newspaper’ doesn’t mean much, frankly speaking.

  3. Newspapers are not run for the sake of a Sonia or a Chidamabaram. Irrespective of where the decisions are taken. the government has the Press Information bureau which monitors the pulse of the nation and conveys the gist to concerned ministries. The press secretaries brief the prime minister and others on what is going on throughout the country. The capital newspapers do not discuss the states enough to pass on an understanding to the prime minister and other de facto prime ministers. Are you sure that Chidambaram doesn’t read Tamil newspapers? I am sure, Sonia being a very intelligent woman, reads Hindi newspapers. English newspapers are not superior to language newspapers in any sense. They are insular.


  4. Andy

    Great observation. “Dynamism” of the “national daily ” is showing indeed…

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