20 books that journalism students should read up for Elections 2019 (presuming, of course, that journalists and journalism teachers have read most or all of them)

“Sir, which books would you recommend to understand Indian politics better?”

To that ever-green question, an academic has an answer.

On his Twitter handle, Anand Pradhan, the well-regarded associate professor at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, has listed 20 books that will serve student-journalists well.

Indeed, will serve journalists and journalism teachers well.

1. India after Gandhi: Ramachandra Guha

2. Congress after Indira: Zoya Hassan

3. Party Competition in India states: Suhas Palshikar, KC Suri & Yogendra Yadav (ed)

4. Battles half won: Prof Ashutosh Varshney

5. The Great March of Democracy: Dr S.Y. Quraishi

6. Ideology and Identity: Pradeep K. Chibbar & Rahul Verma

7. When Crime Pays: Milan Vaishnav

8. How the BJP Wins: Prashant Jha

9. Election that Changed India 2014: Rajdeep Sardesai

10. Kanshiram, Leader of Dalits: Badri Narayan

11. Behanji– A political Biography of Mayawati: Ajoy Bose

12. Costs of Democracy: Devesh Kapur & Milan Vaishnav

13. Caste in Indian Politics: Rajni Kothari

14. Politics in India: Rajni Kothari

15. Understanding Caste: Gail Omvedt

16. Handbook of Politics in Indian States: Prof Sudha Pai (ed)

17. The Oxford Companion to Politics in India: Nirja Gopal Jayal & Pratap Bhanu Mehta

18. Hindu Nationalism — A reader: Christophe Jaffrelot

19. India’s 2014 Elections: Paul Wallace (ed)

20. Everyday Communalism: Sudha Pai

The list is by no means exhaustive, or the last word, but it is a starting point for young student aspiring for a career in journalism.

With about 75 days for elections, 20 books to read means a book every three days?


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