TV coverage of farmers’ protests in Delhi shows that “farmers claim an integrity in the Indian subconscious that the media lack”

The academic and public intellectual Shiv Visvanathan, has a piece in The Telegraph on the ongoing farmers’ protests in Delhi, demanding the repeal of new laws passed by the BJP-led government:

“Yet more than the State with its idiotic ideas of governance, it is television media that is uncomfortable with the farmers’ strike, seeking to discredit it in various ways. When one watches certain channels, one senses that they realize that the farmers claim an integrity in the Indian subconscious that the media lack.

“One senses that the media are not only losing credibility but also the trust of the struggle that distances itself from such arrogance. It is almost as if the media are afraid that a bunch of rustics may take over the country and they are treating the farm leaders as country bumpkins. 

“There is, however, one redeeming aspect. Younger journalists, many with their feet on the ground, are raising valid questions.

Read the full article: A new harvest

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