The investigative TV journo who now sells sarees


The state of mainstream Indian journalism, it can be argued, is somewhat reflected by the number of journalists churning out books; leaving for greener PR, corporate communications and “policy”) pastures; joining thinktanks; going on sabatticals, etc—and it is probably no different from the rest of the world.

But nobody drives home the issue better than Dibyojyoti Basu.

Once chief of bureau at M.J. Akbar‘s Asian Age in Calcutta. Once the director of Calcutta Doordarshan’s first news-based private television show Khas Khabar (a la Aaj Tak). Once the head of Ananda Bazaar Patrika‘s television wing. Once host of Khoj Khabar on Tara Bangla. And now…

And now, the proud owner of Woven, a lounge in Delhi’s Meher Chand marker, for Bengali sarees.

Basu, who hosted his last show in 2011  on Akash Bangla before it was pulled off by its Left-leaning promoters, sees this as a hibernation period, before he achieves his life ambition of starting his own TV station.

Visit Dibyojyoti Basu’s shop: Woven


  1. ayyo amma

    your write up is almost condescending. so what if he sells sarees . even if he was a hot shot journo.. that does not mean you can’t move on in life. most of us hacks get stuck doing the same thing over and over again. at least this fellow had the guts and the sagacity to move on to something new.. better than peddling second rate stories for x amount for the rest of his life

  2. If Dibyojyoti is successfully selling sarees it is his business. No one should have any problems with that. Nothing stops a journalist from exploring new opportunities. Kudos to him!

  3. tarak

    We love u the way u talk I never miss any episode of khonj khabar come to us by join ing AAP the new gens party

  4. Sumit Kumar Ghosh

    While agreeing that Mr.Bose brought in a complete new concept in investigative journalism, all of his works were not for revealing the truth, once he spent episodes after episode to prove his bull sheet information that Broiler chickens are made from breeding with vultures and he and his team ran after one of a leading producers of Broiler chicken in Bengal to prove how that organisation was cross breeding vultures to produce Broiler chicks and with the power of one-sided microphone and camera he did a grate damage to the entire industry and the fact is there is not even a slightest connection with vultures and Broiler chicken which is the only source of chicken meat in most of the countries all over the world irrespective of developed and developing countries and he never admit his mistake in public, we still do not know if there was any conflict of interest at any source which instigated for such irresponsible journalism.

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