‘Mumbai Mirror’, 2005-2020: The derailment of a daily, reported on the front page

The front page of the Bombay tabloid Mumbai Mirror dated 19 December 2020, on the final day of its publication as a daily newspaper.

The Times group, which owns the paper through a Bangalore-based subsidiary, has decided to turn it into a “weekly”, citing commercial pressures arising out of COVID.

The lead headline “DERAILED” is a perfect metaphor for a teenaged newspaper put to sleep after fulfilling its objective of protecting the 182-year-old flagship newspaper from interlopers Hindustan Times and DNA.

A note on the front page reads:

“After a 15-run Mumbai Mirror is ceasing its operations in its present format. Instead, beginning this Sunday, it will transition to a weekly paper…. Thank you for the love and support and feedback all these years.”


This is front page of the Sunday Mumbai Mirror announcing its new weekly avatar.

Turning existing publications into a weekly is a tried and tested technique in the Times group before killing them off. The Independent was turned into Metropolis on Saturday to fulfil subscription and advertising commitments before it was shut.

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