Soon streaming on a screen near you: Anushka Sharma-backed Amazon Prime show, based “on a line” from ex-Tehelka editor Tarun Tejpal’s true story of his assassins

Say what you will, Anushka Sharma is a woman of her word.

In March 2019, the actor backed a web series based on disgraced Tehelka editor Tarun J. Tejpal’s book The Story of my Assassins despite the cloud of sexual harassment charges hovering over him.

The Bombay tabloid Mid-Day reports today that the project is well on stream and Pataal Lok will be streamed on Amazon Prime, despite Amazon wanting to pull the plug in the wake of the #MeToo movement.

“We took a one-line plot from the book. The author of the book (Tarun Tejpal) was not involved in the development or production of the show,” claims the show’s creator Sudip Sharma.

A true story, Tejpal’s novel tracks a senior journalist as he sets out to investigate his would-be killers. Jason Burke then of The Guardian noted that the story was “told with the eye of a journalist but with the verve of a novelist”.

Tejpal had stepped down from his Tehelka position after a female colleague accused him of rape inside the elevator of a hotel in Goa in 2013 during an event organised by the magazine. He was subsequently arrested and is on bail since July 2014.

Screenshot: courtesy Mid-Day

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  1. Suku

    Jason Burke is still with the Guardian, in Africa.

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