Who tried to kill a senior journalist? Anushka Sharma will tell Tarun Tejpal’s novel of his would-be assassins, and Amazon will stream it.

Screenshot 2019-03-08 15.41.48

With impeccable timing, on International Women’s Day 2019, Mumbai Mirror reports that former Tehelka editor Tarun J. Tejpal‘s 2010 novel The Story of my Assassins, is to be made into a web series by the actor and director Anushka Sharma.

A true story, the novel tracks a senior journalist as he sets out to investigate his would-be killers. Jason Burke of The Guardian noted that the story was “told with the eye of a journalist but with the verve of a novelist”.

Tejpal had stepped down from his Tehelka position after a female colleague accused him of rape inside the elevator of a hotel in Goa in 2013 during an event organised by the magazine. He was subsequently arrested and is on bail since July 2014.

Read the full story: Tarun Tejpal‘s novel as a web series

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