For three days running, Kashmir’s newspapers have not been published. To no one’s surprise, neither the Press Council of India, nor the Indian Newspaper Society, nor the Editors Guild seem to be unduly bothered.

These are the front pages of four English language newspapers published from Srinagar, for Sunday, August 4, and Monday, August 5, 2019.

The newspapers have not been published on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, following the clampdown on phone, internet, broadband, and cable TV services in the wake of India’s decision to strip the Valley of the privileges it enjoyed under #Article370.

The e-paper of the newspapers have not been updated on their websites either.

The silence of India’s media “institutions”—the Press Council of India, Indian Newspaper Society, Editors Guild of India, etc—is revealing.

The New York-based Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has a statement.

“A large-scale communication disruption at such a crucial time for Kashmir is an egregious violation of citizens’ rights to information from a free press,” said Aliya Iftikhar, senior researcher for CPJ’s Asia program.

“We call on Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his administration to guarantee that all communication blocks in Kashmir are lifted and that journalists are able to report freely. Communication blocks have no place in a democracy.”

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  1. Hasnain Mallick

    यह बड़े ही दुख की बात है कि एक तरफ भारत सरकार यह कह रही है की धारा 370 और अनुच्छेद 35a हटा दिया गया किंतु यह क्या हुआ के प्रेस पर और समाचार पत्रों पर पाबंदी लगा दी गई आखिर क्यों

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