Barkha Dutt breaks silence in NYT interview

For 15 days, as the media storm over the Niira Radia tapes raged around her, NDTV’s star-anchor Barkha Dutt opted to speak to the world through an official press release, an online essay, and a pre-recorded inquisition by print editors.

Dutt declined to appear on a Karan Thapar show and in a Headlines Today debate, and even spurned on-screen advice from Sanjaya Baru of the Business Standard to apologise and move on.

Now, she has broken her silence in an interview with Lydia Polgreen of the New York Times:

“I look at some of the conversations, and I do feel I should have been more alert,” she said in an interview on Friday at the studios of her television station, NDTV.

“I should have been more skeptical. I should have known better.”

Photograph: courtesy Lynsey Addario/ New York Times


  1. Tarlemaga

    These individuals should stop calling themselves journalists, but they are money spinners in the garb of journalists.

    They represent corporate media, which is built on profit motto, driven by ulterior objectives and private treaties.

    Unfortunate it is happening in a country which is largely poor.

    1. Atul K Dixit

      Mrs. Datt has got her reward from rulling party . she confered Padam shri for helping the government formaation.

  2. Furious_Telangana

    You think the NDTV bosses don’t or never knew where barkha gets her news from? You think sardesai and roy are two different people? Ha ha Have no illusions, boy.

    Tell me what occupies your precious thoughts.

  3. Mysore Peshva

    Silence? She has been a loudmouth throughout, and even after her scandal came to light.

    If Barkha Dutt worked at the New York Times, she’d be out of a job. On the other hand, she now has the chair of the Editors Guild of India speaking sympathetically about her. It is unbelievable… But perhaps it shouldn’t surprise me. That gentleman, Mr. Rajdeep Sardesai, and Barkha Dutt are after all fellow winners of the Padma Shri for their service to mother India! I call it the camaraderie of the Padma Shri.

  4. Jackdaw

    So much drama by a veritable drama queen. Just go Barkha, spare us the play acting. Become a lobbyist or join a corporate house as its PR boss, just leave journalism alone. Am I alone in guessing that Barkha is India’s most disliked journalist by far? Has been for a while too, its not just because of this Radiagate controversy.

  5. Madhusudan Thakkar

    These people are worse than Kasabs and ISI.They have no no remorse.

  6. Tarlemaga

    Like the Telecom Service Provider’s have PRE-PAID AND POST-PAID Services.

    We have Newspaper barons producing pre-paid and post-paid news.

    NEERA RADIA was dialling into Barkha/Vir Sanghvi/Rajdeep for PRE-PAID NEWS.

  7. Indian2

    Barkha you naughty girl! Sorry we didnt realize thats its people like you who are the real “deemaks” attacking our country.
    And girl, you really have the cheeks to debate your own misdoings on national TV. There is no grey area here the truth lies bare in front of the country.
    Your defence has no merits. You got PWNED!

  8. ranjan sarkar

    Barkha Dutt is to NDTV and journalism what PJ Thomas is to Congress party and UPA government. Rajdeep Sardesai’s defence is just like what an ex loudmouth minister supporting the CVC. this is India folks. when questions are asked in parliament on payment, lobbyists and well placed journos gangup to form govt. does any one care about the common people of this country?? thoughts to ponder…..

  9. mrs

    the big question is how come NDTV is operating for last 15 or 20 years with our any profit, how come they were able to start 2 new channels Imagine and Profit.

    now we all know where the money is coming for these it is all provided corrupt congress people, I think they should shift their office to GandhI HOUSE directly, becoz there is difference any way you are serving for Gandhi family and Congress.

    just type in “Burkha Dutt Traitor” in google you get 15000 results back, now you can see in-famous the Barkha is.

  10. R.Narayanan

    An arcitect’s error is covered with ivy, a doctor’s with sod and Barkha’s with “error of judgement”

  11. Nilesh

    Journalism was considered one among the noblest of professions but these dignified anti socials have made it to the worst.

  12. Hariharan

    If “I should have been more alert” is an acceptable answer, A Raja/ Suresh Kalmadi/ Ashok Chawan will all be saying this. As a news anchor, Barkha shapes the opinion of viewing public on various issues. If she has a soft corner for Congress or if she is dooubted to have played a role in getting A Raja his ministry, she loses the moral right to continue. Even A Raja’s recent inetrview to NDTV that he did not call Justice Raghupathy, raises doubts. Why did he choose NDTV for this? Why not Timesnow whaich was hotly debating the issue? Is it because Barkha is close to him. I am sad she has such thick skin.

  13. susheel kumar

    barkha,you have been thinking that you have been a great person to befool the common man of this country but you have been exposed to the your true colour,people like you have been real enemy of this country,there are may others like prabhu chawla of india today who had been sold his soul at the hands of a person who fought an election for the post of the president of india and launched a baseless campaign against a modest woman who was also contesting for the highest post. can you have a peaceful sleep henceforth? how can a common man eliminate people like you from the centrestage of power gallery as long as there are rajas are with you?

  14. THOMAS


  15. kunal

    Barkha your reporting is worthless. No facts, just your strong, shallow opinions. Another feather in the hat of corrupt politicians who you are pawn of and who keep lauding you with awards.

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