Aditya Sinha on the “worldview” of Delhi journos

Aditya Sinha, departing editor-in-chief of the Madras-based The New Indian Express and editor-designate of the Bombay-based DNA, in his farewell column in TNIE:

“A friend asked if I would miss Chennai and I thought, what an absurd question. Over the last four years, Chennai has become a part of me. My three teenagers have become better persons here; my life took a spiritual turn; and each and every day at the Express was a learning experience.

“Indeed, I now get irritated with Delhi journalists, for I get the feeling that for them the country ends at Gurgaon, Delhi’s southern suburb. The fact is that the four southern states are more dissimilar than any four randomly selected northern states. The distances within each state are vast. Delhi journalists cannot know India unless they spend time in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Kochi; and this is one of the reasons that Indian journalism has taken a few knocks of late.”

Read the full column: Mr Kalaignar, I will miss you

Photograph via Twitter


  1. lycra

    I strongly resonate with your words about ‘Delhi’ being the end all and by all for the journalist but the anger that you talk about now is somethign I have felt for a long time. You talk about Journalists in Delhi lagging behind because of their lack of presence/knowledge in places like Kochi, Banglore,Chennai and Hyderbad. But I see that you fail to count the North eastern part of the country. Atleast the places that you have mentioned do get some amount of coverage but the N-E States are like a benign cancer – no one wants to do or report anything. It really doesn’t matter if thess states are ignored. But the irony is that even if some channels do report like cnnibn, did when 50 thousand ‘SIKKIMESE’ people gathered on the 26/09/10 in Gangtok to urge the Indian Govt to lift travel ban on His Holiness The Karmapa- so that Karmapa could take his rightful place as a heir to the Rumtek monastery in Sikkim, the news channel totally killed the relevance/importance of the rally by getting the most essential fact wrong. They said 50,000 ‘Tibetans’ gathered in Gangtok which is factually incorrect. The huge number of people who gathered were INDIANS! To narrow it down even further they were SIKKIMESE who to my knowledge are INDIANS after we became a part of India in 1972.
    So thats sad that even when we are in the NEWS- people just dont care to check the facts and get it right. All am waiting and trying in whatever way i can to change this.

  2. Sam

    Lycra, if you read the article linked to this post (Mr. Kalignar, I will miss you) you’ll come to know that Mr. Aditya Sinha is married to a north-eastern indian (Assamese to be specific). So I don’t think he intentionally forgot the north-eastern parts. That apart, I agree with you completely that the media often neglects (or does poor reporting of) the north-east india.

    1. sheela

      Not often, always

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