This is the chief minister, and here’s the news

Karnataka chief minister D.V. Sadananda Gowda inaugurates the Kannada news channel, Public TV, in Bangalore on Sunday by reading a news item from a laptop computer. The channel is headed by H.R. Ranganath, the son of a southern railway employee in Mysore, who rose to be editor of Kannada Prabha and Suvarna News.

PhotographKarnataka Photo News

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  1. Oh. Yes. There is space for any number of News Channels. The space is 24 hours a day. How you utilize this time is the question. If the new News Channel just copy others then there is no space. Or if Public TV under the able head H.R.Ranganath could give News as it is, instead of repetitive misuse for adv. ratings then they have plenty of space in Karnataka. I wish them all the best.

  2. Shalu Sharma

    What!! having banned private news channels from the assembly, he’s on the road again inaugurating further channels. I am sure this news channel will love to show the CM in good light. This is the real story in India today. Sad…

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