Good journalists, poor journalism, zero standards

Raju Narisetti, the former editor of Mint, the business daily launched by the Hindustan Times group, who is now one of the managing editors at the Washington Post, has given an interview to the latest issue of the Indian edition of Forbes.

Question: How do you rate the quality of journalism practised here in India?

Answer: Good journalists by instinct but poor journalism because of practices, weak institutions, zero standards and ethics enforcement–voluntary or otherwise. Many business journalists want to be part of the business establishment or be close to it. That results in journalism that isn’t about readers. Even the best–and there are just one or two such institutions–journalism schools are not graduating grounded journalists. That will be the soft spot of India journalism for some time to come.

Read the full interview here: A fresh-mint way

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Link courtesy Shobha Sarada Viswanathan


  1. Andy

    Shoba & Sans Serif – Thanks for this

  2. mysore peshva

    Raju’s comment is spot on.

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