How every journalist can write that dream book

Any journalist who says she doesn’t want to write a book is a liar—or no journalist. While most journos think they have a book in them, few actually manage to put it between the covers.

Canadian journalist Rod McQueen, who has written 12 non-fiction books in the last 25 years, has a surefire recipe for the procrastinators.

“Write 500 words a day and by the end of a year you’ll have enough for a book. It’s that simple. And that difficult.”

McQueen has more advice: choose your topic carefully; start writing immediately; check out secondary sources, do database searches, prowl libraries; and make contact with at least one person who can help.

Read the full prescription: Beat reporter to author


  1. These days every journalist wants to make money from blogging =D After all, print is dying no 😉

  2. Most of try but very few taste success.i think style makes the difference

  3. Andy

    Advise is good and very practical..

  4. me a journalist…I am carrying a novel within me since i was class viii…but cant able to pen it till now…i wish in next year..

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