‘The right paper—no political pun intended’

The Times of India has launched in Madras with a 56-page edition (priced at Rs 2) comprising a 24-page main edition, and a 16-page city tabloid, Chennai Times. (The Hindu, which disdainfully refused to get into the price war when Deccan Chronicle launched with a one-rupee edition, has dropped its weekday coverprice to Rs 2.50.)

The paper’s executive editor Jaideep Bose writes in the wraparound “Good Morning Chennai, It’s an honour to be here”:

We will be completely honest and sincere in our effort to measure up to your expectations. When we make a mistake, we will not shy away from owning up to it. We have not come to Chennai for quick gains. We are here to stay, through good times and bad….

“We are a paper that is constantly at the cutting edge of change but also fiercely proud of our 170-year-old heritage. For although The Times of India has transformed itself in line with the changing needs of our readers, our core values remain constant. Our cornerstone: to serve our readers. We have no political agenda, no political ideology and no political masters. We hope to be the right paper for you, no political pun intended. We seek to be respected for our journalistic excellence, and over time, loved as a friend who has your best interests at heart.”

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  1. shanoi

    Well done, The editorial starts with right earnest ness with business instincts on top.

  2. Boring journalist

    We must admire the honesty of Jaideep in saying that the TOI-C has no political ideology and agenda.
    Its agenda is different. It is commercial, Give Titillating stuff and corrupt the young minds. Make youngsters shun seriousness and values like plague

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