When it’s all in the family, it is all in the family

The latest issue of the Indian edition of Forbes, “the capitalist tool“, has a four-page story on the war of the brothers in the boardroom of The Hindu over the proposed retirement norms for directors.

The article reveals that “for several weeks now,” two of the brothers in The Hindu triumvirateeditor N. Ravi and senior managing director N. Murali—have not been in speaking terms with their eldest brother, editor-in-chief N. Ram, despite living in the same neighbourhood.

The piece also quotes Murali’s daughter Kanta Murali, a Princeton University student and one of the signatories to a letter by the children of the brothers to all shareholders which preceded the outbreak of the third phase of infighting in September last year.

“I am completely disgusted by the happenings to the say the least. It’s obviously disappointing on a personal level since the changes affect my father but I am more concerned about the effect of this infighting on the 3,500-plus non-family employees, whose contributions and loyalty have long been abused by the family as a whole, as well as the impact of recent events on the future and credibility of the 132-year-old newspaper.”

The full Forbes article—‘The Hindu‘ epic of Mahabharata—will be up on its website on April 29.

Infographic: courtesy Forbes

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