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Could the media end up killing Barack Obama?

Al Jazeera’s media show The Listening Post on how 24×7 media is dangerously inflaming passions against US President Barack Obama with lies, untruths, rhetoric—a little like the way a newspaper advertisement greeted John F. Kennedy the day he arrived in Dallas in 1963. Also read: How global media covered Barack Obama inauguration ‘The media’s obsession…

How to wish ‘Happy Birthday’ without a script

On his 48th birthday, US President Barack Obama wishes the grande dame of the White House press corps, Helen Thomas, on her 89th. Let history record that the Wisher-in-Chief did not use a teleprompter when he wished her Happy Birthday. Link via Juan Antonio Giner/ Innovation in Newspapers Also read: The fastest 100 days in…

POTUS would like you to switch off your phone

What happens when the mobile phone rings at a White House press briefing? This is what Robert Gibbs would tell you in a circular sort of way. “[As the press secretary to the President of the United States] I made the determination that the illumination of the sound was distracting to the briefing.”