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Nidhi Razdan says (maybe) it was a mistake to throw Sambit Patra out of her NDTV show ‘Left, Right & Centre’

Nidhi Razdan, the NDTV anchor who famously sent BJP spokesman Sambit Swaraj out of her 9 pm show Left, Right and Centre when he accused the channel of having an “agenda” three years ago, says she would not do it were it to happen again. In an interview with the writer and columnist Amit Varma…

J-POD || Podcast || Data journalism as a career option for young journalists || Advice from Rukmini Shrinivasan, former data editor, The Hindu & Huff Post India

*** Rukmini Shrinivasan, host of ‘The Moving Curve‘ podcast, and former data editor of The Hindu and Huff Post India, on what India’s #COVID numbers mean—and #DataJournalism as a career option for young journalists. Also read: “India’s official COVID numbers are an undercount”