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How some Bombay-ites read their newspapers

Vachanalays or newspaper reading centres, where locals read the papers and discuss the day’s news,┬áhave been a familiar sight in (and an integral part of) most neighbourhoods in Bombay. Usually sponsored by the local ward of a political party or a mitra mandal (friends’ group), these informal newspaper points are stocked with the major Marathi…

They also serve who sort, insert and distribute

In the Bangalore neighbourhood of Ulsoor, newspaper vendors slip pamphlets, flyers and other materials into the Sunday papers before heading off to doo-deliver them. Photograph: M.S. Gopal/ Mumbai Paused Also read: So, how many journos cracked CAT 2012? Every picture tells a tale. Babu‘s tells a tome When Chamundi betta relocates to amchi Mumbai