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J-POD || “Kannada newspapers’ circulation is down from 25 lakhs to 5 lakhs due to #Corona. No ads, no sales, no newsprint. It’s unimaginable; a grave existential crisis” || ‘Vishwa Vani’ editor and owner, Vishweshwar Bhat

Media management in India doesn’t present a pretty sight on a day when the “Old Lady of Bori Bunder” rides on little #Corona to announce salary cuts and defer increments, opening the floodgates, as it were, to less-endowed groups lower down the food chain. As each day dawns, the full scale of the havoc wrought…

BUJ calls job losses and salary cuts of journalists during #Coronavirus “patently illegal, grossly unethical, unbelievably inhuman”; wants rollback

The Brihanmumbai Union of Journalists has demanded that all termination and closure notices issued after 15 March 2020 be withdrawn, and the Union government ensure there are no job losses or salary cuts during the COVID crisus and its run-up.