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‘Star News ne Baba ko LIVE dekha’

As Baba Ramdev‘s fast was abruptly ended and the yogi shifted to Dehradun in great secrecy, Star News had a breaking news slide: “Star News ne Baba ko LIVE dekha“. Meanwhile, Sunday’s Indian Express provides some evidence that the preferred newschannel in the corridors of power may be changing in Lutyen’s Delhi.

Straight drives from the man behind Seedhi Baat

Former India Today editor Prabhu Chawla has taken his interactive “Ask Prabhu” column to The New Indian Express, which he recently joined as editorial director, answering questions on this, that and the other with earthy candour. Many of the media questions directed at Chawla and his responses are illuminating. Chawla confirms market rumoursĀ  that the…