‘Biblio’, the books’ magazine launched by three ex-TOI intellectuals, with a colon in its masthead, turns 25

Biblio, the little magazine devoted to books, founded by three former staffers of The Times of India, has turned 25, and the Hindustan Times has a feature on it.

Biblio was founded by Dileep Padgaonkar, Arvind Narain Das and Darryl D’Monte in 1995 shortly after they left the paper as it dumbed down to managers and market forces.

The monthly magazine which became a bi-monthly is now a quarterly. The first issue cost Rs 20; it now costs Rs 200.

An average in Biblio is 1,500 words long.

“Books are expensive. We want people to be able to read just the reviews and learn things they would otherwise never know,” Brinda Datta, the magazine’s managing editor who joined as an art director, is quoted as saying.

“The colon meant there was something more coming.”

Visit the website: Biblio

Screenshot: courtesy Hindustan Times

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