Salman Ravi, the BBC Hindi reporter who gifted his shoes to a barefoot migrant, is honoured with an Asian Media Award

Remember the BBC Hindi reporter who lent his shoes to a migrant worker walking home barefoot after his footwear had snapped along the way, at the height of the COVID lockdown in May?

Well, the journalist has been recognissd for his humanitarian gesture.

The reporter, Salman Ravi, has been given an Asian Media Award in the World News Moment category for his report “We will die, we are poor people”.

In his acceptance speech, Salman Ravi says he has never applied for any award in his 30-year career and thanks “BBC values” for being to “live” the story.

Salman Ravi was doing a Facebook Live broadcast in Delhi when he encountered the migrants who were walking from Ambala in Haryana to their village in Madhya Pradesh.

Now in its eighth year, the Asian Media Awards are given to those who excel in British Asian and mainstream media.

Read the full BBC report: Asian media award

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