‘Rajasthan Patrika’, once the BJP’s bugbear in Delhi and Jaipur, now has Narendra Modi virtually on its speed dial

The front page of the Hindi daily Rajasthan Patrika on September 8 to mark the inauguration of “Patrika Gate” built by the newspaper on Jawaharlal Nehru Marg in Jaipur.

The front page of ‘Rajasthan Patrika’ on the day after the inauguration of ‘Patrika Gate’. There are 8 photos and 12 quotes of Modi; 3 photos of the paper’s chief editor Gulab Kothari whose name appears in 5 headlines.


The inauguration of the structure by prime minister Narendra Modi marks a remarkable turnaround in the paper’s fortunes after having been in the crosshairs of BJP-led governments both at the Centre and in Rajasthan.

Below is the invitation received by guests for the “Patrika Gate” event.


In today’s edition of the paper, which is published from 9 states making it one of India’s more national publications, chief editor Gulab Kothari has a signed column titled “Main hi samaj” (society is me).


Two books authored by Gulab Kothari—Akshar Yatra and Samwad Upnishad–were also “dedicated to the nation” by prime minister Modi in a virtual ceremony.


The gate has been designed by the well known architect Anoop Bartaria.


Before the COVID lockdown in India was announced in March 2020, Gulab Kothari was one of the media owners who took part in a video “interaction” with Modi, which got a prominent display in the newspaper.


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