Timothy Franklyn, the cancer-surviving son of a former ‘Times of India’ executive, goes to Columbia University as an Obama Scholar

An internship or a job is for a journalism student. A book or a national seminar is for a journalism teacher.

An Obama Foundation scholarship is for a journalism school founder.

Timothy Franklyn, 40, who set up the National School of Journalism and Public Discourse (NSoJ) in Bangalore six years ago, is among 11 people picked worldwide for the scholarship named after the former US President, for 2020-21.

“The Obama Foundation Scholars Program will give rising young leaders around the world who are already making a difference in their communities the opportunity to take their work to the next level through a newly designed curriculum that brings together academic, skills-based, and hands-on learning.

Timothy, a Bishop Cotton schoolboy who went to the London School of Economics before becoming an international corporate finance lawyer, is the son of Franklyn James, the former results and market development (RMD) head of The Times of India in Bangalore, who turned it from near-closure to a market behemoth.

A partner at Tatva Legal, Timothy is a cancer survivor who also fronts an alternative rock band, and has been published in the Financial Times.


Photograph: courtesy Obama Foundation

Screenshots: courtesy The Hindu, Deccan Herald

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