Coming soon: a Nationalist Editors Guild, not “seeped in an ethical and idealistic world of journalism”

Nothing is more galling for a reporter or an Editor—or a “reporter’s editor”—to be accused of not doing her job as expected by her employers, promoters and their puppeteers.

Amazingly, that is exactly what the Editors Guild of India is being accused of.

When, in fact, it has been the first organisation in the world to not know the value of the Magsaysay Award or the Pulitzer Prize, as required.

When, in fact, it has not felt it fit to defend Press Trust of India from pressures exerted by Prasar Bharati Corporation or the housing ministry, as required.

Clearly, loud TV anchors have lower expectations than even the Editors Guild can muster, when asked to crawl.

Screenshot: courtesy Deccan Chronicle

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