How do English newspaper readers look? And how do they compare to their Hindi brethren? A visual representation.

What is the profile of readers of English newspapers compared to those who consume newspapers in the languages?

Over the last week, as distribution has eased in its key market, Bombay, the Times group has run a campaign on its news pages in The Times of India and Navbharat Times, to “reclaim the city”.

The pictures accompanying the respective campaigns are revealing of how the group visualises its readership.

TOI thinks its readers are cops, babus, doctors, businessmen, cricketers, artists, architects, etc. Essentially the swish set advertisers are after: SEC ‘A’. They read the paper in style in plush offices, potted drawing rooms, and gardens overlooking the metropolis.


By contrast Navbharat Times readers look like this.

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  1. M.R. Dua

    this post seemed to be an ad for TOI. RIGHT/

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