‘Onions suck out bacteria. Neem sanitiser works for 15 days. Brahmins in Bhopal were saved by prayers over fire”: advice from a top Kannada publisher, an ex-BJP MP, to fight Coronavirus

Vijay Sankeshwar, the transport operator who founded Vijaya Karnataka and Vijaya Vani, shocking the Deccan Herald group and The Times of India group respectively, has offered his sage advice on how to combat #Coronavirus.

Dripping with desi and swadeshi, the advice, although well intentioned, is questionable for its science.

Sankeshwar, who was awarded the Padma Sri earlier this year, is a former BJP member of Parliament, and a former member of the legislative council. He has played host to Baba Ramdev.

The advice from the self-made media baron, telecast live on his TV news channel Dighvijay TV, is culled from his experience. Tomorrow’s Vijaya Vani will see a splash.



In the video, Sankeshwar says:

0.1: “The effect of neem-based room sanitisers lasts for 15 days compared to alcohol-based sanitisers. Aloe Vera based hand sanitisers works for 5-6 hours and retain their fragrance even after you wash your hands.

1.10: “Onion is very sensitive; it attracts all the bad bacteria and viruses in 10 minutes. We keep it in our bedroom. We have started using it in our offices too in the last 3 months.

2.03: “We do an ‘agnihotri’ in our offices twice a day, at dawn and at dusk, using the ghee from desi cow milk in pots, and appropriate prayers. Farmers in Belgaum who did it were not affected by the vagaries of the climate.

“Some 8-10 Brahmin families in Bhopal staying next to the Union Carbide plant who did ‘agnihotri’ were not affected by the gas leak in 1984, whereas people many kilometres away faced death and deformation.

4.16: “To increase immunity, eat fruits and dry fruits, and fast once a week. Some Jains eat only once in two days. A swamiji told me that the 1918 Nobel Prize went to a Japanese and a European who showed the effects of fasting.

6.07: “Give importance for cross-ventilation. Even if you stay next to a gutter and get a dirty smell, keep windows open for some time.

6.44: “Nitin Gadkari is right: urine is urea. Instead of importing urea for thousands of crores, if 130 crore Indians contribute their urine to farmers, it will be enough. That’s why drainage water is auctioned in Nagpur for Rs 26 crore.”


See the full video here: Vijay Sankeshwar


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