A true love story: How a Parsi journalist at ‘Current’ met the Editor of ‘Onlooker’ magazine and lived happily forever, but got excommunicated from her community

Two weeks after her death in the middle of the COVID pandemic, The Telegraph‘s fine London correspondent Amit Roy has a long obituary of Gulshan Ewing nee Mehta.

Gulshan Ewing was the editor of the women’s magazine Eve’s Weekly for 23 years, from 1966 to 1989, and also editor of the film magazine Star & Style.

She began her career with the weekly tabloid Current, under the editorship of the doughty Dosu Karaka and went on to Femina from the Times of India stable, and then Eve’s Weekly, owned by the Somani group.

Ms Ewing’s daughter Anjali Ewing dicusses how her parents met.

“Just after India’s independence in 1947, when most British people were fleeing India to return to the UK, Joseph Dennis Ewing made the journey in the opposite direction. He left Manchester for a job as a financial editor of The Statesman of Calcutta.

“His son, Guy, 17 at the time, also began in journalism in Calcutta before venturing to Bombay a couple of years later. In time, he became editor of Onlooker.

“My dad was outside the Strand Cinema in Bombay with a friend of his — he spotted my mother with a group of her friends. He said, ‘Oh, look at her.’ His friend, Charlie, said, ‘Oh, that’s Gulshan Mehta, she works at Current, she is a journalist.’

“My dad said, ‘If you know her, can you get us together? His friend said, ‘Come on, I will introduce you.’ My dad said, ‘No, no, not like this. Why don’t you throw a get together of some kind?’

“Charlie threw some kind of party and he invited my mum. And my dad monopolised her for the entire evening. Apparently he proposed towards the end of the evening.

“My mother said, ‘Don’t be silly. You are tipsy.’ So he promised to propose sober the next day which apparently he did do. They courted for a year — and got married in 1955 and stayed on in India.”

Read the full obituary: Gulshan Ewing


In an earlier obituary by in Mid-Day, the journalist Sherna Gandhy recalls:

“When I joined Eve’s Weekly in 1979, I had no degree in journalism, but like everyone else, I learnt on the job because we had wonderful mentors and we were never hobbled by petty politicking, which often starts at the top.

“Mrs Ewing was the least petty of people. We were all women on the editorial staff (with the exception, for a while, of the chief sub editor, an old school gentleman who once gave a headline in which he spelt ‘complete’ as ‘compleat’, intentionally of course, referring to Izak Walton‘s 1563 book The Compleat Angler; Mrs Ewing came into the room chuckling away and told Mr Rao that she was in the Managing Director’s bad books because she had employed a chief sub who couldn’t even spell ‘complete’!)

Read the full obituary: The glamorous, kind hearted editor


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