“Advertisers are reluctant to spend on Marketing right now”: 10-40 per cent salary cuts at NDTV for those earning over Rs 50K per month


Together we have withstood formidable crises that would have left most groups ducking for cover. Our courage and our resilience is drawn from our commitment to free and fair journalism, from our determination to side only with the Truth. Most importantly, as we have demonstrated over and over, our strength and our courage is taken in sum from each other.

The impact of the Coronavirus crisis on the economy has already hit our business. Advertisers are reluctant to spend on Marketing right now – this is one of the first areas where companies cut back when they are under financial strain. Naturally, this means our revenue contracts significantly.

We therefore have to implement pay cuts across the board and for the entire Group. The cuts, which come into effect April 1 exempt those earning less than Rs 50,000 a month; they get bigger as salaries increase; those earning the most will naturally take the biggest cuts. An email is being sent to every employee with how the cuts impact them.

These changes in compensation will continue for three months till July 1 at which time the Management of the company will review costs and revenue to assess what changes are possible.

This team will work its hardest to improve the financial position of the company but because revenue will depend entirely on when – and to what extent – the economy as a whole revives, there is no way to forecast what might be needed in three months.

If you have any questions, please email HR and we will address your concerns as quickly as possible.

At this time, it’s equally important to note that our coverage, assembled by each of you, has been recognized by so many as exemplary. We are all so proud of what NDTV continues to accomplish.

The NDTV Team is cited often (and always enviously) by outsiders as a tight-knit cluster whose loyalty is particularly unique and tough to crack. Now, as ever, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder, using all our experience and collective strength to overcome this crisis.



Head of HR, NDTV Group

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