Gulshan Ewing, pioneering magazine editor of ‘Eve’s Weekly’ and ‘Star & Style’ , passes away at 92

Indian Journalism Review records with regret the passing away of Gulshan Ewing, one of India’s earliest women editors, in London.

She was 92 years old.

Six days before her death in a care centre, Ms Ewing’s daughter had tweeted:


Ms Ewing was editor of the society magazines Eve’s Weekly and Star & Style, both published from Bombay by J.K. Jain.

As editor of the latter, Ms Ewing rubbed shoulders with the beautiful set. She was friends with Madhubala (see picture, above), and interviewed everyone from Gregory Peck to Cary Grant.

According to her daughter Anjali, Ms Ewing’s favourite actor was Danny Kaye.

Screenshot: courtesy Hindustan Times

photographs: courtesy Sound Health and Lasting Wealth

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