J-POD || Podcast || “Most big Hindi newspapers guilty of communalising #Coronavirus coverage…. Hindi media has stopped asking the simplest questions…. Plight of journalists worse than migrants”: ex-‘Jansatta’ editor Om Thanvi

“Print media is in trouble because of #Coronavirus and it will get worse.”

If there was any doubt about that dark foreboding, confirmation came from revenue-rich English publications which fired staff, trimmed salaries, shut editions and sought tax breaks even before the 21-day lockdown could end.

But what of language media, especially the much larger but less professional Hindi journalism?

In this episode of J-POD, a podcast on journalism, Om Thanvi, the former Editor of the Hindi daily Jansatta from the Indian Express group, who is now vice-chancellor of the Haridev Joshi University of Journalism and Mass Communication, Jaipur, discusses the challenges ahead of Hindi journalists.

Thanvi says: most big Hindi newspapers communalised the coverage of #Coronavirus; Hindi journalists do a vile hatchet job because Hindi media owners want it and because the government wants it; and the plight of journalists is worse than migrants: “at least migrants will still have their jobs when they return”.

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  1. not only print media, even tv channels such as ndtv have their journalist’ salaries from 30%
    beginning april 1…sad times are here for all print media in all languages, worldwide. most
    english language dailies in delhi have reduced their daily page-count to 25%, but not cut
    the per issue price….readers are the sufferers either way.wish we have had a ”readers union.”

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