BUJ calls job losses and salary cuts of journalists during #Coronavirus “patently illegal, grossly unethical, unbelievably inhuman”; wants rollback

The Brihanmumbai Union of Journalists has demanded that all termination and closure notices issued after 15 March 2020 be withdrawn, and the Union government ensure there are no job losses or salary cuts during the COVID crisus and its run-up.

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  1. richardcrasta

    I totally agree. Do they think that journalists are overpaid for their intelligence, commitment, and ethics, and their importance to a democracy? It is unconscionable greed and pettymindedness. Not too far back, an article in the Guardian reported that the average writer earns around $5000 a year, and even at that level, it’s been declining; I am a writer, not a journalist, and I don’t risk my life as journalists do, which is why they should be paid much, much better.

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