J-POD || A podcast on journalism || ex-Rediff and Yahoo editor Prem Panicker on what journalists facing an uncertain future due to #Coronavirus can try to do on the digital front

Indian journalists have been doing a heroic job of reporting the #Coronavirus pandemic even though it has thrown the print media sector into a massive tizzy.

The “lockdown” has caused havoc to advertising, transportation and distribution of newspapers and magazines—and ignorance has spread the fear of contamination among the “educated”.

Job losses and salary cuts loom over the horizon, and some newspapers and magazines have seized the pretext provided by #COVID to take brutal decisions.

There are other big question marks.

What can honest journalists true to their craft do in this depleted scenario?

In this episode of J-POD, a podcast on journalism, Prem Panicker, one of the pillars on which India’s original web offering rediff.com was built, and a former managing editor of Yahoo! India, discusses the digital avenues journalists can try to explore.

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