The world’s only Sanskrit newspaper ‘Sudharma’ has turned 50, and wants Narendra Modi to release its souvenir issue. Will he?

The world’s oldest and probably the only Sanskrit daily newspaper Sudharma has turned 50.

Published from Ramachandra Agrahara in Mysore, the two-page, five-columb newspaper delivers politics, culture, sports and civic affairs.

According to a report in Star of Mysore, India’s most successful afternoon newspaper, Sudharma reaches 2,000 readers.

“We need six to seven hours to bring out an issue—composing to printing,” says Editor K.V. Sampath Kumar (above), who also doubles up as publisher. His wife K.S. Jayalakshmi, proficient in the language, also lends a hand.

Narendra Modi has been invited to release a souvenir edition in Bangalore on November 24, but one prime minister has already been there, done that.

Photographs: courtesy Star of Mysore

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  1. rajeev

    Padma award for the duo, and many more (y)ele mareya kaayis discovered by the Modi government in conferring the padma awards every year

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