“Indian media is in a structural crisis that is neither accidental or random”: Ravish Kumar’s words reflected in the silence of many top newspapers on his Magsaysay Award acceptance speech

Just nine out of 24 newspapers in nine languages found NDTV India’s Ravish Kumar winning the Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2019 worthy of attention when the prize was announced in early August.

Not surprisingly, only seven of them have news of the TV presenter picking up his award in Manila yesterday, or space for the searing comments he made on the state of Indian media today.

“Indian media is in a state of crisis which isn’t accidental or random but structural.”


NDTV has the full text of Ravish Kumar’s acceptance speech.



Like a month ago, only the Mangalore-based Kannada daily Vartha Bharti (above) has the honour on page one, featuring it as the second lead.



Among the English newspapers, The Telegraph and Mumbai Mirror have a multi-column display of the Press Trust of India (PTI) feed.



The Marathi daily Sakal has a group photograph of all the winners, with a two-column item.


However, most newspapers which show the courtesy of featuring the news like Orissa Post, Prabhat Khabhar, Praja Vani and Navbharat Times, take it as a single-column brief.


A couple of Hyderabad newspapers, Deccan Chronicle and Sakshi, confine themselves to a photograph with an extended caption.


The Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, Eenadu, The Indian Express, The Economic Times, Deccan Herald, Maharashtra Times, and The Pioneer do not have a word or photograph.

Twitter was quick to notice the gap.

Prime minister Narendra Modi is still to tweet his warmest congratulations, as indeed is the Editors Guild if India.



  1. M.R. Dua

    mainstream papers, HT, TOI, Ind. Exp. ET, DH, etc., are highly prestigious media outlets, they don’t carry bogus, concocted, fabricated stuff that the speech contained. also, the speech was not -allegedly- written by the deliverer of speech. it carried the speaker’s employers’ words / view. hence, they threw it out. and that’s the right treatment it deserved. hence india’s mainstream media deserve all the praise for right discretion, judgement and assessment. indian media zindabad. the ungratefuls who enjoy liberty to condemn the freedom of press should be biting the dust….

  2. I think people like Mr. Dua are the reason that the mainstream media stayed silent. They do not want to lose the patronage of such worthies, as finally it is all about survival.

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