‘The Hindu’ tears into Press Council backing curbs on media in Kashmir; says claim of threat to integrity and sovereignty provides a “rationale for despotism”

The Hindu has an excellent editorial on the Press Council of India’s shameless abdication of its mandate by backing the Narendra Modi government’s patently undemocratic curbs on the media in Kashmir.

The newspaper reminds the PCI that its stance is contrary to its support to the Punjab Press in its “efforts to inform the people truthfully and impartially” during the years of militancy in the early 1990s.

“The notion that an open society, and an independent media, are somehow a threat to the nation’s integrity and sovereignty is nothing less than a rationale for despotism.

“Media is often called upon by the state to privilege a narrowly defined national interest over truthful reporting; professional media in a democracy must view truthful reporting in itself as in national interest. The PCI must play its mandated role and not kowtow to the government of the day.”

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  1. M.R. Dua

    it’s beyond any sensible reasoning that why national sovereignty and independence is not more urgent, acceptable and admissible over personal interest, and personal independence. article 19 a imposes reasonable restriction on freedom of media. SC has decided many case giving greater priority to national cause. nation is always first than any thing else. to argue otherwise is treason, sedition, rebelliousness. the hindu is advocating in favor of bhasin because it’s against modi/shah brand of patriotism. mera desh mahan. ALWAYS. INDIA FIRST. TRUMPS ALSO SAYS AMERICA FIRST. so correct, correct.

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