In the middle of an inexorable conflict situation in Kashmir, despite a brutal, undemocratic crackdown on civil liberties, there’s only one thing on the mind of a ‘saas’ who was once ‘bahu’

Mothers will be mothers, but reporters can be saviours.

Vijaita Singh, a journalist with The Hindu, on assignment in Kashmir, met a woman in Srinagar, at a so-called “helpline” where citizens are allowed to make a phon calls, like prisoners.

In the midst of a massive clampdown on communication networks in the Valley, Harvinder Singh tells the reporter she has nothing to worry, except… her cable TV connection had run out of juice and could she please do the needful?

When Vijaita Singh called the son this morning, he was in Jammu where there was no internet connectivity. He recharged the cable connection in Pathankot.

And then sent this acknowledgement on WhatsApp.

In her excellent thread on Twitter, Singh reports that local cable TV networks are only allowed to air music channels and Delhi-based media are the only sources of “information.”

Screenshot: courtesy Vijaita Singh/The Hindu

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