How an ‘Indian Express’ reporter was the conduit for the Vajpayee government to learn that Pakistan had invaded the icy heights of Kargil in 1999

2019 marks the 20th anniversary of Pakistan’s incursion to Kargil and the war that followed with India.

Sushant Singh of The Indian Express recounts the role played by the paper’s then defence correspondent Manvendra Singh in relaying the news to his father, Jaswant Singh.

“At the beginning of the second week of May 1999, I got a call from a senior officer in Army Headquarters that I should positively see him that evening.

“I met him for dinner at his residence where he told me that something was happening in Drass-Kargil sector which seems to be serious because a Special Forces unit had been heli-lifted urgently that day and taken to the heights in that sector.

When I enquired more, he said that it was some problem with the Line of Control (LoC) management and there are intruders suspected to be in that sector. As a military man, he asked me to convey the same to the political leadership through my father as the matter was serious.”

Read the full article: Newsroom to govt

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