33 headlines of columns on the Union budget in today’s newspapers that show ‘chamchagiri’ was, is, and shall always be a sunrise industry

Business journalism is, generally speaking, an oxymoron in India. On the day of the Union budget, it reaches another level.

Be it a Congress government or BJP one, the average score for the budget veers between 9 and 10, as fear meets exuberance.

2019 is no different, as the headlines of “columns” by corporate honchos, investment bankers and other animals show.


1. The caravan of reforms keeps moving in full pace: Arvind Panagariya

2. Committed to cut fiscal gap: Renu Karnad

3. National grids a bold step: Hemant Kanoria

4. Multiple measures to boost investment: Chandrajit Banerjee

5. Opening the gates for a foreign-funded India growth: Abheek Barua

6. Focus on medium-term sustainable growth should be seen as a big positive: Sonal Varma

7. Spotlight on foreign funds: Motilal Oswal

8. Artful balancing act: Sajid Z. Chinoy

9. Some assurance, some direction, and lots of hope: Sanjeev Prasad

10. A ‘boring’ budget spells continuity, stability: Bibek Debroy

11. She (almost) conquered: Surjit Bhalla

12. Inclusive growth’s the goal, with fuscal prudence: Ravneet Gill

13. FM did best in limited fiscal space: Ajit Ranade

14. Credible intentions and matching action to pave way for New India: Rajnish Kumar

15. FM should be no less a magician: T.T. Srinivasaraghavan

16. Budget attempts a balancing act: Motilal Oswal

17. Laying the base for spurring investment: M.M. Murugappan

18. Shuns populism: N. Srinivasan

19. Thoughtful schemes for middle class: A. Balasubramanian

20. A framework for the future: Suneeta Reddy

21. Moving strategically to a $5tn economy: Mallika Srinivasan

22. Wicket just eased up for a $5 trillion chase: Ritesh Agarwal

23. Path cleared for $5-trn economy: A. Balasubramanian

24. Modi 2.0 budget bolsters investments: Vikram Kirloskar

25. Modi Sarkar’s second spell continues with reforms: Sunil Mittal

26. Great idea to tapglobal savings: Ramdeo Ageawal

27. A holistic and aspirational budget: Kiran Mazumdar Shaw

28. Structural thrusts will go a long way in shaping India: Sanjiv Puri

29. Welcome govt’s focus on reducing its presence in business: Anil Agarwal

30. Bank recapitalisation announcemenr a significant positive for credit growth: Karthik Srinivasan

31. Infra and institutional initiatives to drive farm transformation: Ramesh Chand

32. Disinvestment will provide greater fiscal space for government: Amitabh Kant

33. Choosing the long view: Ashima Goyal


It is only on some of the edit pages that there is a trace of circumspection.

1. A lost opportunity: Yamini Aiyar

2. Not for the farmer: Ashok Gulati

3. Why I give the Budget a ‘B’: Bhaskar Chakraborty

4. Falling short of the goal: C.P. Chandrasekhar

5. A budget that goes nowhere: C. Rammanohar Reddy

6. The macro that does not gel with the micro: Pulapre Balakrishnan

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  1. Hats off you for reiterating the prevailing scenario in the media. I wish that the names of the publications alongside the bylines too were mentioned.

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