“Slide in media freedom coincides with rise of right-wing groups and governments”: ‘Deccan Herald’ on India’s fall on World Press Freedom index, to 140

Screenshot 2019-04-24 11.16.40.png

The Bangalore-based daily Deccan Herald has an editorial on India’s continuing slide on the World Press Freedom (WPI) index.

The index, compiled by the Paris-based advocacy group, Reporters Without Borders, shows India’s position slipping from 133 to 136, to 138, to 140 in the last four years, out of 180 countries in the world:

“There are threats from many sources, such as the police, extremist groups like Maoists, crime syndicates and other criminal groups, politicians of all kinds and parties and leaders of religious, social and other groups.

“But it has been noted the current slide in freedom has coincided with the rise of right-wing groups and governments in parts of the word, and in India, too.”

Read the full editorial: Press freedom: dubious distinction

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