“Journalists make terrible politicians. You have to have a very, very thick skin to survive the muck. I made a mistake,” says anchor Ashutosh who had vowed (on camera) never to come back to journalism

Do journalists betray their profession when they enter politics? Do journalists make terrible leaders? Should there be a “cooling-off” period before a journalist takes the plunge?

Questions, questions, questions. All asked a zillion times before whenever a journalist steps over to the other side of the mike.

As Supriya Shrinate, a former ET Now presenter, enters the fray as the last-minute Congress candidate from Maharajganj in Uttar Pradesh, India Today‘s Rahul Kanwal asks them again, with Ashutosh, who has been there, done that, and worn the lousy Aam Aadmi Party topi.

The touching thing in this is the high moral ground taken by BJP “IT Cell” head Amit Malviya on a journalist formally joining Congress or AAP, while hordes of serving journalists, editors and, ahem, presenters and promoters serve the BJP pro bono.

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