Hawks, hotheads and hysteria: ‘Al Jazeera’ looks at the “mad prophets of the airwaves”—India’s war-mongering TV channels and anchors

Channels calling for war.

Studios populated with former generals talking military tactics.

Social media messaging apps flooded with fake news and propaganda.

Al Jazeera‘s excellent media programme ‘The Listening Post‘, hosted by Richard Gizbert, takes a look at the war-mongering, hate-spewing, “unjournalistic ranting” of primetime TV in India.


Rohit Chopra, an associate professor at Santa Clara University:

“The Hindu right itself more broadly, but the BJP as a political party has been very very effective in using the internet in general and social media in particular. What they have basically done is they have very quickly mobilised their forces to essentially see if they can hammer it into their classic narrative of Hindus vs Muslims. The Muslim as the figure of the outsider. The Congress as a weak party. Liberals as ‘anti-national traitors’.

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