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Kashmir’s small English dailies show more balance and sobriety than mainland India’s gung-ho newspapers in putting out the casualty figure in the air strikes on Pakistan

Verification is a vital function of the news media, especially when the reader-viewer-surfer is exposed to relentless propaganda via electronic and social media. India’s air strike on Pakistan on February 26 posed a test of the newspapers and television against the backdrop of opposing claims made by the two countries. As if to prove the…

Pakistani editor Beena Sarwar does the most unfashionable thing in contemporary media: sticks her neck out and spews peace

While a vast majority of Indian and Pakistani journalists become megaphones for war-mongers and hate mongrels, the admirable Pakistani journalist and editor Beena Sarwar takes the high road. #JungSeJungHai #AmanSeAmanHai Also read: TV anchors wrap themselves in tricolour, hail air strikes